Within Interventions: Who is it for?

Individual and couples​

  • Explore the role of your life experiences’ role in physical and mental illnesses
  • Kindle your innate healing capacity 
  • Gather the wisdom of addictions and overcome it
  • Build a safe, secure and empathetic relationship with self and others. 
  • Understanding what stands in the way of forming and keeping authentic relationships
  • Uncovering unconscious beliefs, patterns, anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, OCD, disorders, fears etc., and other manifestations of trauma
  • Process emotional and mental experiences, patterns and conditioning
  • Self-exploration 
  • Cultivating presence and compassion towards self and others
  • Bettering at emotional expression
  • Recovering one’s sense of wholeness


  • Nature camps and workshops
  • Creative art based intervention for exploration, expression and reflection 
  • Group interventions


  • Conscious and compassionate  communication, conflict resolution, leadership and team building 
  • Wellbeing practices and strategies to improve productivity
  • Creative arts for group formation, building and bonding
  • Self and group expression, reflection and exploration circles in professional spaces

Focus Groups

Support Groups