About me

An education professional with 14+ years of experience in addressing students’ cognitive, and socio-emotional needs by developing relevant, contextual and meaningful content and curriculums, teacher capacity building, skill building and bridging the gaps in the education system to enable children to develop self awareness, learning, and reflection, preparing students for life and the world. 

Experience and expertise in

  • Field research
  • Program Design
  • Curriculum and Content development 
  • Training and Capacity building

Themes in Education

  • Socio-emotional learning
  • Environmental Education
  • 21st century skills – global competencies – life skills – STEM mindset 
  • Experiential Education 
  • Facilitation and Inquiry 
  • Self awareness and Active citizenship
  • Bringing learning to life – Experiential Education 
  • Incorporating 21st century skills and STEAM mindset in curriculum 
  • Incorporating Play, Arts, Mindfulness and nature in education
  • Trauma informed classrooms, schools and learning environments
  • Creating safe, inclusive and compassionate learning environments
  • Whole school culture building
  • Self aware, creative and compassionate leadership in classrooms and schools
  • Co-creating teacher and student well-being and support systems.