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Something happens in our lives and we leave ourselves behind and seek ourselves outside of us. This disconnection from ourselves makes us neglect our needs, please people, and have weaker boundaries. It makes us victims and victors of abuse and violence. Resulting in depression, anxiety and other poor ways to cope with stress and trauma and delve in addictions, and disorders. And, then we realise our disconnection with ourselves and all that we are seeking is within us all along but don’t know how to access it. If this is you then this support group is for you. Healing is to REBUILD THE CONNECTION and COMING HOME to our whole selves. In this support group, we will take baby steps to Rebuild the lost connection with our authentic selves Steps to get in touch with our innate worthiness Increase awareness of our body and emotions Learn to self-regulate and coregulate ourselves Self-care strategies Make art, read poetry, share quotes, play games, laugh and do a lot more fun things Come together with a community of people who are willing to be vulnerable, courageous and supportive of each other

What this support group is

  • A safe and confidential space 
  • A space to explore and express yourself 
  • Rooted in Compassionate Inquiry and Arts based therapy 
  • Not a replacement for therapy 
  • Not group therapy


  • Meeting mode: Virtual 
  • Frequency: 4th Saturday of every month 
  • Duration: 90 minutes 
  • Methodology: Experiential and arts-based 
  • Amount: 1 session: 300 6 sessions: 1500 12 sessions: 2500