My Professional Journey

Education consultant – Present

FSL India – Research, Program Design, content development and capacity building to develop the whole school culture.  Focus on teacher – student well-being to integrate students back to school post the pandemic

Therapy Practitioner – March 2018 – Present

Individual and Group Therapy for children and adults used multiple art forms, nature, and mindfulness, and Compassionate Inquiry.

Training Manager and education consultant – Secondary Schools Quest Alliance – March 2020 to March 2022

Capacity building – 
  • Build a big picture capacity building strategy for different stakeholders of the program. Bring in experiences from the ecosystem around innovative approaches to capacity building 21st-century education, STEM mindset, bridge gender gaps in the Indian education system, teacher wellbeing, and creating safe, inclusive and compassionate classrooms in 10 Indian states.
  • Designing the capacity building journey for different stakeholders in 7 states based on the individual state strategies for facilitators, teachers and headmasters and master trainers.
  • Defining the approach to capacity building for the secondary schools program 
  • Support the government engagement and relationship building process by integrating the master trainer strategy into the education systems.
Mastercoach for Teachers – 21st century Educators course Development – 
  • Lead the user research, instructional design, and content development of an online teacher professional development course to become 21st century educators and enable 21st century learning environments. 
  • Strategy for different models implementation based on state requirements and realities
Research consultant Program Manager – 100th Monkey – FSL-India – January 2018 – February 2020
  • Research on youth development programs on life skills, youth leadership, and citizenship.
  • Conceptualize and develop a strategic and innovative program design to suit the socio-economic realities of youth belonging to urban marginalized communities using the HumanCentered Design framework.
  • Ideate, conceptualize, experiment, and innovate within and outside the project framework to bring in new dimensions to the program.
  • Curriculum and instructional design by bringing global best practices in pedagogy and design to develop global competencies, socio-emotional learning skills, self-actualization, and active citizenship.
  • Build capacity for different stakeholders – facilitators, government school teachers, and Heads and Education Department officials to create inclusive and compassionate classrooms in 5 Indian states.
  • Facilitate relationships with the government school education department, government officials, funding partners, school heads, teachers, and social workers to enable partnerships and scale the program.
  • Identify key areas of improvement through effective data analysis and support the stakeholders with refresher training and knowledge management
Arts-Based Therapy Practitioner – Govt. Boys home for Children with Mental Retardation – June 2018 – March 2019
  • Arts-based therapy practice for 6 At-risk adolescents with mental retardation.
  • Action research on therapeutic intervention and evaluation of the impact of the research project using standard evaluation formats and client observation formats.
  • Provide inputs to the organisation on using Arts Based Therapy as learning and therapeutic intervention for the inmates of the organisation.
  • Consolidate a report on the Action research titles “Study the impact of Arts-based Therapy on At-risk adolescents with mild and moderate mental retardation” and presented at the ABTconvocation. Received 3rd rank for the quality and findings of the research.
Teacher Intern- Bangalore Steiner School – August 2017 – February 2018
Teacher Educator – Kalap Trust – May 2016 – July 2017
  • Build relationships with the community to develop a deeper understanding of the socioeconomic and cultural constructs of the community to introduce the need for contextual education and schooling. Identify the learning needs of mountain children to set up a replicable school for the mountains.
  • Develop curriculum and facilitate learning experiences specific to the location and local history and culture, beliefs, and social constructs of the communities.
  • Combine academic concepts with processes to develop the STEAM mindset, Socio-emotional learning, and mindfulness, and building a peer learning community amongst children.
  • Develop assignments and assessments using project-based learning methodology and study their learning transference using multiple art forms.
  • Create opportunities for self-exploration and expression, creative intelligence, and field biology skills for children of all age groups.
Project Assistant – Centre for Environment Education – September 2015 – April 2016
  • Program conceptualization and design on environmental education for government school students.
  • Curriculum and content development and create an instructional system for a teacher-led model and supported by volunteers by creating instructional manuals for teachers and a workbook handbook of activities for students and a repository of teacher resources and activities.
  • Design and implement need-based Learning and Development programs for government school (200) teachers, and education department members to implement the program in government schools.
  • Create monitoring and evaluation of the program implementation in schools and collate the process and findings in an impact report.
Therapist – Snehadhara Foundation January 2016 – April 2016
  • Nature-based therapy program design and implementation for children on the autistic spectrum
Lead Facilitator and consultant Paatashaala Foundation – April 2008 – April 2018
  • Consciously create safe and loving classroom environments for children and train facilitators to intentionally adopt practices that enable safety, connection, and compassion.
  • Train facilitators on subject matter content, and facilitation, provide feedback and mentorship to improve learning processes, IEPs, and facilitation.
  • Frame and evaluate processes to encourage active discovery and independent learning to achieve curricular objectives and building relationships, self-worth, and identity creation for each child using creative arts and experiential education.
Education Officer – Kalinga Centre for Rainforest Ecology – May 2013 – June 2014
Conference Coordinator – Centre for Experiential Education – September 2015 – December 2019
Alpha Brains Head – Content and curriculum development – May 2014 – June 2015
Freelance Wildlife expert – May 2012 – May 2016

Education and Certifications

  • Compassionate Inquiry Mentorship (Current)
  • Compassionate Inquiry – Canada
  • Certification in Arts Based Therapy – Snehadhaara Foundation (WCCL)
  • Diploma in Experiential Education and Practices (DEEP) – Kaveri Group of Institutes
  • Kuvempu University – Shimoga Karnataka
  • Masters in Environmental Sciences
  • Jain University – Bangalore Karnataka
  • Bachelors in Biotechnology, Genetics and Biochemistry 


  • Certification in Digital Marketing and Content Writing
  • Certification in Experiential Education and Practices
  • Research Essentials – Gubbi Labs -Certificate Program in Psychological Tools and Technics

Volunteer work

  • Led Social Work club in school – Initiated and led the social work club in school to teach language and engage in play and arts in the nearby slums
  • Arts-Based Therapy intervention for At- Risk Adolescent boys with Mental Retardation at Govt home for boys with MR. – Used creative art forms to bridge gaps in cognitive, and emotional development and relationship building.
  • Fundraising for NAB and disability India
  • Rescue and Relocation of Star Tortoises- MCBT
  • Volunteer Intern at Kalinga Center for Rainforest Ecology

Research Experience

  • Action Research – Govt home for Adolescents with MR
  • Exploration of Arts-Based therapy with a group of At-risk adolescents to improve cognitive, emotional, and relational development goals.
  • M.Sc. Dissertation – Impact of change in Riparian Landuse pattern on Odonate Assemblages
  • Research Intern – CES, IISc
  • Genetic and Morphometric Analysis of Nyctibatrachus species