Arts Based Therapy

ABT is the evidence-based use of art, music, drama, dance/movement, poetry/creative writing, free play, and sand play and mindfulness within the context of learning, healing, self-exploration, psychotherapy, counselling, rehabilitation, or medicine. The basis of ABT lies in Indian Psychology and Ethics, Human development studies and cognitive neurosciences.

Arts Based therapy harnesses the therapeutic effect of the creative experience, and it emphasises our innate ability and potential to transform thoughts, emotions, and experiences into tangible shapes and forms.  ABT is also “integrative” when different art techniques are intentionally used in combination with traditional medicines to promote improved health and healing processes.

Throughout the process, ABT provides a therapeutic framework where you learn new and different ways to use the mostly nonverbal language of creativity to learn, heal or communicate inner feelings that were not previously available to you by simply doing or working or thinking or talking about them.


Arts Based therapy is an Integrative approach.

Arts Based therapy approach firstly identifying the goals of therapy for the individual or the group. Arts based therapy distinguishes itself by combining modalities within a therapy session. Based on the goals and the inclination of the individual or group towards one or more art forms, it involves one or two or more expressive therapies to foster the outcomes of the intervention. Making it very effective, efficient, and client friendly.