About Within What?


Trauma informed wellbeing and education initiative that addresses individual and group needs for self awareness, exploration, expression and learning through therapy, program design, content development and capacity building.


We are constantly drilled with the message of how we are not enough – not doing enough, not being enough and we have to keep seeking something outside of us, keep doing and becoming something different from who we already are. After all the journeying outside, we all come to realise that all the love, learning, happiness, peace, creativity, worthiness, and wisdom is within us. The acceptance, strength and validation we seek is within us. It is in our inner well, the relationships we hold and the communities we belong to. We stop seeking outside and come home to ourselves and rest in what is already within us. 


  1. One to one therapy
  2. Education, art and mental health and well being interventions for groups, organisations and communities
  3. Focus groups
  4. Workshops, and trainings
  5. Designing programs, content development and capacity building.


  • Children 
  • Youth 
  • Individuals 
  • Groups 
  • Parents 
  • Teachers – Educators – Facilitators 
  • Professionals