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Trauma informed therapy | Wellbeing | Experiential education 

A safe space to be fully human and find connection, courage, compassion within yourself and the world outside 


Within is a wellbeing and experiential education initiative that supports children, youth and adults through awareness campaigns, one to one therapy, workshops, training, and support groups to become self aware, and access learning, wholeness and wisdom.

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The passion with which Ashwini conducts these Experiential Nature programs is very infectious.. I highly recommend them. It is an experience that you take along for a life time.

Manmohan Raju

A guided merging with mother nature filling my senses with the sounds, scents and textures of the trees and its creatures, a perfect energiser at a busy week ahead. Thank you Ashwini for this lovely experience..

Hamsini Murthy

Had the most amazing forest walk experience led by Ashwini at Laugh Giraffe! It made me become one with nature. I was bathed by the warm sunlight, the gentle breeze, the chirping of the birds and the moist soil! The love and acceptance that I got by hugging the trees cannot be put in words! Moreover the mandala making and the tea drinking was meditation in itself. I strongly recommend forest bathing by Ashwini 👍Go for it and experience yourself♥️

Priya Manohar

I completely loved the session. It was a really different way of self reflection. Felt so connected throughout the duration. Would love to be part of the next session


Hi Ashwini! Thank you for the wonderful session yesterday. What remained with me was your words - your breathing shallow or deep - just accept them as shallow or deep. just observe. I loved that.. acceptance of us completely was beautiful..

Shanti Rajesh

Activity of expressing hope while looking into the current emotions attached to it , I realised only one thing. Whatever the challenges , ups and downs , uncertainty life threw during the lockdown period esp being in a containment zone - still I faced it , stood for myself and people around with hope to fly again when the lockdown period got over. Discovery of New U which will spread love and light to people around. Explored many different areas of hobby - I completed reading 4 novels ( miracle for myself) and explored cooking , baking and other leisure skills with my daughter , spent more time on self care and contemplation. Thanks Ashwini for helping connecting back to myself and I am smiling back after 10 days of roller coaster ride

Priya Kanan

I am very judgmental person so it's challenging for me choose a healer for myself. I experienced a unique healer in form of Ashwini who is a role model, a through professional, truly compassionate and has fair amount of understanding of what she is saying and doing. I feel completely safe to express myself .Hi Ashwini, looking forward for next session with you.


Session with Ashwini helped me feel calm while there was a lot of anxiety for a while. While I have been struggling to connect with myself, she taught me skills to be with my body and calm myself. I felt understood and acknowledged while talking to her. With her knowledge, she is able to put my experiences into processes which are then easy to understand and am able to empathise with myself. Have recommended her to a few of my close friends.

Shilpa Basavaraj

Ashwini is a surprise package. At the start of a session, you will not expect how deep and mature she can be. The methodology she uses takes one deep, really deep and helps heal from the inside. It's definitely not talk therapy. It's not a calm, on the surface kind of spa therapy. It's the type of therapy you go for when you commit to work for yourself, sincerely. I have found a lot of growth & love from Ashwini. Highly recommended.

Sushmita Sridhara

It was a beautiful experience to be able to explore and dive deep into the core reasons of why I act a certain way. I was able to understand where I needed support. Ashwini handled the session professionally and created a safe space helping me to open up. It was a session filled with warmth, healing and better understanding of myself at the end of it

Kunal Designation

Ashwini is a wonderful therapist. She is compassionate and has a lovely presence. She creates a safe space for the client to bring what they need to the session. I found my sessions with Ashwini helpful in the process of healing trauma and bringing me back to authenticity. Highly Recommended!

Anne de Champlain

I was initially apprehensive about another therapy session which may not prove to be effective after going through some bad experiences, but Ashwini proved otherwise. She was kind, compassionate and extremely helpful. She helped me a lot through workplace stress, anxiety and overcoming the self-defeatist attitude which hampers not only my work routine but also my day to day life. I would definitely recommend Ashwini to anyone who is dealing with stress, anxiety and restlessness in their lives.

Richa Pant

I came to know about Ashwini through a common friend, way back in June 2020, when she was offering a therapy session based on ACE-Adverse childhood experiences. I opted in for it.Her ability to create a safe space is phenomenal. Made it easy for me to be vulnerable and open. At every pivotal reflection point, she would pause and ask if it is ok for us to continue and go deeper. We co-created not only the practical approaches which would help me in dealing with my emotions real-time but also discussed ways in which I could begin my healing journey. I would personally recommend these sessions to anyone who would like to learn more about themselves and engage in deeper healing of the self.

Aarti Kurup

There is so much to love about Ashwini. So much to be grateful for. So much to be humbled and awed by! We've all had times/phases in our lives when our old narratives and ideas about who we are take the better of who we actually are in the present moment. It's easy to keep falling into that space very often... and to believe that's our reality. I reached out to Ashwini when I was having a moment like that. She really helps you hold the departing and arriving realities together.

Samiksha Verma

Loved the body-oriented approach. Quite unique and interesting. Also makes you see things with a different clarity! Highly recommended

Sugandh Virmani

Ashwini knows how to connect with her client. She makes it really easy for the person to feel safe and grounded. Touching base with one's core feelings happens very spontaneously as one navigates through the internal turmoil. Would definitely recommend her

Sunandita Banerjee